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That golden necklace that curved around the bay and from which our hopes and dreams hung like invisible yet incandescent charms. LUZ . . . Miracles

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The soft sultry slopes of its tropical terrain peeked bashfully from behind a crown of shining clouds. LUZ . . . Conceptions

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Apagones we called them, the twelve-hour blocks of time when officials cut power to the city and left us drowning in darkness. LUZ . . . Visitations

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I began seeing shadows. I didn’t see how this could be possible: shadows without any light. LUZ . . . Messes

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It had to be a trick, all of it: the shattered facade of that concrete anatomy, the carcass of that wounded building and its gaping holes. LUZ . . . Labors of Love

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Even during the era when it was absolute suicide for anyone to step foot inside a church, Mama always had, attending Mass regularly even. LUZ . . . Miracles

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Heaven, August of 1994, where a divine plot is currently hatching. The Creator of the Universe, anxious that his Son’s second coming should have already taken place by now—for according to scripture it […]

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