. . . the story begins

Heaven, August of 1994, where a divine plot is currently hatching. The Creator of the Universe, anxious that his Son’s second coming should have already taken place by now—for according to scripture it was supposed to occur no later than 1988, but which still seems nowhere on the horizon—is tired of waiting for the Son of Man to take action and fulfill his prophecy. Cuba, August of 1994, where a shocking event is currently unfolding. For the first time in 35 years, Cubans are openly revolting against Castro’s regime and, furthermore, the government is not stopping anyone from leaving the island. Those who want to flee are free to do so, as long as they take to the sea in their inner tubes and contraptions and homemade rafts. Clara, an idealistic but feisty 19 year-old Cuban girl, has decided that, despite the risks involved, she’s leaving her homeland and convinces husband, Rigo, they must both join the exodus. But that night as Rigo is breaking the news to his family about their impending departure, another shocking event is about to unfold. As Clara awaits her husband’s return, an unexpected visitor appears with news that will drastically impact their plans. Stunned and in disbelief, Clara refuses to accept what is being revealed. She figures the surreal visitation is only the result of fear and uncertainty over the decision to leave Cuba. But Clara will soon change her mind. She will soon accept the news this stranger brings and thus begin an odyssey that will forever alter her life, in this, the first testament of her story.



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